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Mother’s Light Meditation


The next time you sit, breathe in a great light through the top of your head into the base of the spine.
Hold it at the base of the spine; then breathe it out over the top of the head.
Breathe in the light again to the center of your chest.
Let the breath become natural: in and out.
See yourself in a cave that is warm and welcoming.

Let the feeling settle in your chest.
A feeling of ecstasy settles in your spiritual heart.
Begin to pray or talk to the Mother from this heart center.
Ask the Mother anything as you concentrate in the center of your heart.
Allow the breath to come in and out with a new balance and new feeling of being conducted to a higher consciousness.
This higher consciousness is also a bright light.
Breathe in and out of this Great Golden Light over your head.
Now let the brightness fall upon your body.
Feel it in your breath and on your body.
See your skin become luminous and bright.

Now start at the base of the spine, saying, “The Mother’s light is bright at the base of my spine.”
Then say, “The Mother’s light is in my being.”
Say this for every chakra until you reach the third eye.
When you reach the third eye, know that your third eye is indeed open wide.
Breathe gently in and out the third eye.
Do not strain.

Just let your breath become easy and natural.
Concentrate on the love that is gently flowing.
The flow is a conscious energy of the Feminine.
You can learn to consciously communicate with the Feminine.
Let the body relax and the mind know that the Feminine is protecting you and entering you in the form of Light.
This will wipe out the small ego
The direct energy or shakti of the Mother will change the molecules of the body.
With each in-breath, your body will get more and more in tune with your soul.
Your life energy is flowing through your third eye.
Let it flow, and enjoy the state you are in.

When you feel it is enough, breathe gently into the heart.
Breathe in and out, and feel your light force renewed – you are relaxed and joyful.
Your relationship is with the Inner Light of the Mother.
Stay as long as you are relaxed.
The heart will blossom.
Do this meditation a few times a week and see how much more positive your life has become.
Love the Feminine Principle in your life,
Whether male or female, she will teach you to live with the rhythm of nature.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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