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Mother’s Heart


You who meditate on the Mother follow an ancient lineage that dates back beyond the dawn of history.
The sages of old bequeathed their wisdom and their prayers for the well being of those who were to follow in future centuries.

I ask Mother Laxmi to bring you all good health, prosperity, love, longevity and success in all you do.
I ask that the clouds of thoughts and negative feelings drift and dissolve in the vast sky of your heart.
Mother Laxmi whispers to all of us rays of hope and joy.
Push past your thoughts and feel your heart, the heart of the Mother Laxmi.
This is the time of the Mother.

Tonight is the first night of Durga Puja; we celebrate Mother Kali.
And the Mother makes Herself known to us.
Sleep this night in the sound of Om.
Sleep this night in the arms of the Mother.
Know this night that the Mother lives for you, watches over you and loves you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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