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Mother’s Essence


To understand the essence of the Divine Mother is total freedom.
You begin to feel the vibrations of the Universe when the form of the Mother turns to reality in your heart.
As you are nourished by the touch of kindness, you feel kindness for everyone.
The Mother’s love is like the strength of steel.

The seeker and the Mother are joined forever through many lifetimes.
Infinite flowing of the Ganga helps the seeker to flow through the waters of life.
The heart stays warm from lifetime to lifetime when one loves the Mother and tastes Her unconditional compassion.

She brings ecstasy to the Soul in life as well as in death.
The seeker becomes alive with the Universal Mother’s Shakti.
Life becomes the path of the Mother once you understand that Her beauty is your beauty.
The Mother reaches out through all barriers.
The Mother helps you through life with Her tender touch and Her bringing of prosperity.

The human heart springs open at the thought of any of the Divine Mothers.
Love will always well up at the sight of the Mother.
She brings happiness beyond any explanation.
Fall in love with the Mother every day and every moment.
Fall free, and She will catch you.
Fall deeply inside yourself, and She will be with you.
You can feel Her continuous love for you.
Bow to the Divine Mother deep inside of your Being.
She is always there.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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