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Mother’s Creation


In the smallest second, shorter than a dream, you can change your life and the feelings of your heart.
This feeling cannot be replaced with an ego thought, for it is unique.
It is God’s creation of the Feminine, and it is the Mother.

You realize in this one second that to journey where you have come from takes one glimpse and a single feeling of love.
Suddenly the mind cannot comprehend what the heart knows.
You know just know that you are the Mother’s creation, and She will never betray you or forget you.
You only have to say, “The Mother loves me,” and you will feel your heart overcome your ego mind.
The ego becomes false, and your perception of ego becomes dim when you know that the Mother loves you.
I wonder if you all have any idea how much you are loved.

It matters not to your Mother; She will love you anyway.
This is unconditional love.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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