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Mother’s Breath


When you begin to sit in meditation, watch the out-breath and then let the breath come in as it will.
Do this breathing, and let the out-breath take you out into the universe.
Feel the sensations and the movement of the breath.
Let anything that arises be touched with the Universal Mother’s hand.

After about five to seven minutes, relax and allow the breath to comfort you and love you.
This is the Mother’s Breath.
It can soothe you at any time.
In its simplicity, you can know for sure how much you are loved and protected.
The Mother’s Embrace is invisible, yet She can come to you at any time you call Her.
She will take you to the deepest part of your being.

Your human heart and your soul heart merge together, reaching out into the future while living in the moment.
She takes you down into yourself, where you find whatever it is you desire.
The Soul Heart is the masterpiece of the Mother.
The heart is ultimately the radiance of your life.
You have to be brave to listen to the call of your heart.
The Mother’s beauty is always woven into the heart of life.
She is involved in your transformation.
Love is always unfolding with your own beauty.
A graciousness that is deep inside of you comes to the surface.
Try to feel love this day, for it is there for you to feel.

I cannot live a second without feeling my Baba’s presence and love, yet I know he is always with me.
When you live in the moment, you will find that the Mother lives with you in a profound way.
In the stillness or the loudness or the chaos of your lives, I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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