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Miracles and Flowing Moments


When you are in the flowing moments, all is well and all can be overcome. You don’t think about your deep problems as you flow into the Formless Sensations that you were born to feel.
You are less afraid to explore your own spirituality.
It takes courage to get to know your Divine Self.
So much must be left behind.
Everything that stops your life from being fully lived is always left behind, and you feel almost free as you float in joy and happiness.
There are many miracles in your life.

One is being aware of these miracles in your everyday life.
This makes sure you are not a slave to your ego.
The greatest miracles happen when you can put the moment in the moment.
You can find the bliss that is unmistakable.
The surrender is not to a Guru or Teacher, but to the natural flowing moment that life has in store for you and that the Universe is trying desperately to show you.
This is why awareness is so important.

The more bliss that you are able to create yourself, the more all of your performances become more productive.
This is the process of the natural state of bliss coming to you.
This creates miracles in your own everyday life and takes you beyond your own borders and lines you draw for yourself.
In meditation you learn to listen to your intuition instead of your ego, which is constantly trying to ride the rivers of the bliss you were meant to flow in.
You are on the path of reversing consciousness to flowing with an open consciousness toward any of your dreams.

This is a mental game that the ego plays with you.
For instance, the ego has you thinking that you do not deserve a good or great life.
You know that this is not true.
The second you live as if this is a false presumption, you begin to feel the flow of Source, the moment of acknowledging bliss.
It is as if the whole of the Universe is at your service, as long as you are in the flow.

You and you alone are responsible for the impressions that enter your mind.
You must know how powerful your minds are.
You can create the world that you wish to live in.
You only have to trust your inner vision.
You have something in you that no one can take away from you.

You have a special retreat inside of you, and you know this by beginning to living your dreams.
The greatest power comes from your Soul; not from your ego mind, but from the Soul that brings you the true bliss that is yours – if only you would take it.

By living your purpose and listening to your own intuition, you will understand that you are the makers of your dreams coming true.
When your mind shows you visions of scarcity, you simply say to yourself, “Next”.
This word will confuse the ego and bring clarity back to your heart.
This simple word will help you more than you can imagine.

Say this word with conviction and fortitude and change your life immediately.
The old thought is now finished, and the next thought can be of prosperity.
Bring a picture or image of prosperity to you and do not let go.
The material world is limitless.
Develop a trust in your intuition.
Place more trust in your instincts.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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