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Mindfulness and Awareness


Your God is always here in the internal present.
We live and we die, we live and we love, and we die again.
We live, and we find composure and peace in our life.
We live, and we find composure, love and peace; we find Samadhi, and then we never die – we return by choice.

Living in the moment is who we really are.
By letting everything go that we do not need, we can find all that we seek.
We can learn in our life and love the energy of being alive, even in the midst of grief.
We can always find the sense of grace.
This is what is said is our true nature.
Being immersed in the wonder of life, we are ready for the the transition of death.
The ability to know you are never alone comes from the patient heart.

Everything is in us.
We become aware of what is in us as we are aware of the feelings in the body.
The awareness of what is in the mind allows the seeker to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.
When you are aware of the breath itself, you are aware as you breathe in a long breath.
Breathing in a short breath, you are aware.

You practice seeing things clearly.
By paying attention to the breath, you become aware of the quality of mindfulness.
You become aware of JUST NOW.
Yet you can bring your future into the now by saying, “Everything I want is on the way.”
This is how you can enjoy your journey of being joyful.
It is all in this moment now.
Mindfulness brings balance, and anything you ask of the Universe it will be on its way into the now.
Yet what is can always hold what will be, and both will meet in the now.

And remember that the fastest way to find joy and liberation is to serve others.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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