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Merge with the Beloved


The sweet harmony between you and your Beloved can be felt all over the world.
Each time you discover the Self deep within, you grow more toward yourself and your Beloved.

Having felt the Beloved only once, you walk the path of love.
Having heard the Beloved even once, all is heard.
Having touched the Beloved even once, all is touched.
Having known Beloved, all is known.
All fears are taken away.
All grief begins to disappear.

Oh my Baba, the giver of bliss, give me the gift to teach others of this love.
The Beloved is one in all.
The Beloved is the song of many birds.
The Beloved is the gentleness in the flowering blooms.
The Beloved is the depth of the ocean.
The Beloved is the dew drop in the lotus of the heart.

Merge with the Beloved, and find yourself.
The Beloved is Light that comes to our life.
All darkness has been dispelled when the Beloved smiles.
The Beloved brings light of expansion.
The Beloved floods the seeker with light.
It is this light that brings joy to your heart.

Feel the love of your Beloved this very second on the breath of time and the timeless space of your being.
Every moment think on the Beloved and you will find that the Beloved thinks always on you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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