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Meditation on the Mother


When you sit in meditation, the sensation of breathing puts you in touch with life.
You become conscious of the preciousness of life.
You also become aware of your posture.

Sit still with your back straight head upright.
Keep your eyes focused on the floor a few feet in front of you.
Bring your attention to your breathing.
Notice how it feels when the air enters and leaves your nostrils.
Sitting and observing your breathing will help to keep you focused
The wonder of meditation begins to come to you more and more.
Call on the Mother and She will come to you.
If you believe that She is listening She will definitely make Herself known.

As time passes, She may allow you to get a glimpse of Her form.
If you are afraid just tell Her so, and She will change Her form into someone whom you recognize; this will calm you down.
Speak to Mother, whether you can see Her or not
By speaking to the Universal Mother, you will find that your thoughts will slow down or disappear all together.

Do this for a little while twice a day; this will start to bring you into the moment.
Meditation is an open door to a world of bliss and understanding.
It also lets you see yourself as never before.
You may not like at times what you see or feel, but you definitely will feel quite different.
Your reactions to life will change for the better.
By getting to know the Mother, you get to know yourself.

She will never betray or leave you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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