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Meditation and Yoga


Do not judge your meditation by saying, “This is a bad meditation,”, or “My mind is running wild.”
There is no such thing as a poor meditation.
You get something every time you sit.
Even by knowing that you are thinking the whole time is a glowing awareness of what you are doing.
There is such value in the willingness to stay.
Loving kindness to yourself is the opening path to loving others.
And this brings you respect for yourself.

Through boredom and feeling sorry for yourself, you still have the discipline you need to be able to have the discipline you want.
By just staying in meditation a little bit more each day, you find that you are being gentle with yourself.
Understanding the universal law through meditation urges you to stay in meditation.
The life force of the Universe is in all of us.
When you identify with the Universe, you are locked into the Universal Law of pure Shakti.
The Universe will give you anything you desire, no more and no less.
You can unlock the great energy that you have inside of you.

Tantra is the continuation from lifetime to lifetime, and the Universe is always giving Shakti through the Tantric Breath that we do.
As you do yoga, you find your whole being moving with the Universal Power.
Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, which is a root yoga, can be the base for any other yoga.
The breath is Tantric and free, not binding.

I have taught mental yoga to those who were paralyzed and just could lay there on their hospital bed.
So much improvement has kept me going even when I was in a wheel chair.
I never gave up and never will.
The confines of human physical movements can be overturned in the right state of mind and heart.
Even if you cannot move, you can learn to teach others to move with grace and love, and you soon will find that grace is soaring through you.

The moment you start on the Spiritual Path, you know that the Universal Mother is right there.
Working with the Mother, you soon notice that you are finding yourself more and more.
The moment you take your spiritual life seriously, you begin to work with all of creation.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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