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Meditation and Thought


When you are quiet and still, meditation beckons you like water to a thirsty man. In meditation, you begin to recognize the imbalance of the heart. As you look forward to meditation, you begin to examine your values and beliefs.

You ask, “Does this action hurt anyone?
Does this action hurt me?”
The answers come flowing in, and you listen.
Through meditation, you have learnt to listen.

As you begin to sit,  watch your thoughts pass through.
Watch these thoughts like a detached observer.
Look for a tiny second between a thought passing and a thought appearing. Once you begin to look for this to happen, the space between thoughts becomes longer and longer.
Never force anything; it will happen.

It is an amazing thing to watch your thoughts.
The one word that works all the time is “NEXT.”
As the thought invades your meditation,  just say,”Next,” and watch the ego become confused.
This is your opportunity to breathe more deeply.

As you recognize your thoughts as negative or positive, you open your way to knowing that you are not your thoughts.
Recognizing your thoughts can bring the possibility of illumination.
By keeping your mind open, you begin to see what you never could see before. The open mind can receive the light of illumination.

When the Christ first appeared to me, I was more frightened by the Light all around Him and in Him.
It seemed to split my being into light beams.
Though very afraid,  I could not deny the blissful feeling throughout my body, mind and Soul.
I found this Light again when my Baba first came to me.
Then I began to look forward to the beauty of the Light.
Looking out of your third eye, you can bring the Light to yourself and inside yourself.

This also takes practice, yet it can be quite enjoyable.
God and Goddess can bring an unbelievable amount of joy.
We are all meant to have joy in our lives.

A simple smile, whether you are faking or not, can bring joy to you and to others. In the beginning of meditation, your thoughts are wild and untamed. After a while you gain control of your thoughts.
You can change your life by always reaching for a better thought.

Meditation is often thought of as a journey of personal change.
Talk to your God – then listen, and enjoy the listening.
It will happen for you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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