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Meditation and Counting


In practicing meditation, it is important to develop a steady, penetrating awareness of your heart chakra.
Once the heart is open and flowing, meditation becomes easier.
Practicing meditation helps people cultivate a strong awareness of all their actions during their lives.
It takes time, but it is worth it.

During your day, begin to increase the frequency of noticing your surroundings.
Notice the sensations of your breath in your body.
This develops mindfulness.
The mystical fire of love burns in your heart center.

God dwells on the altar of your heart.
To discover your mystical nature, you have to quiet your mind.
A good way to do this is by simply counting.
Breathing in one, breathing out one.
Breathing in two, breathing out two.
Do this for 11 breaths.
If you lose your concentration, simply start again.

It is not how well you can do it; it matters that you want to do it.
The essence of your soul shines as the radiant sun and glows on your face as you live your life.
You can find yourself living in the secret stream of love.
Begin your day, each day with the practice of mindfulness and gratitude.
Each day take time to be quiet, and feel divine love breathing inside of you.

I love you.
Ma Jaya


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