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The constant repetition of a mantra is known as Japa Meditation.
Japa becomes Ajapa (spontaneous) when the mantra automatically repeats itself without conscious effort. It is said in the scriptures that ajapa comes from the heart, whereas japa comes from the mouth. Ajapa is complete sadhana in itself, and takes lots of practice to achieve. Mantra is a wonderful way for all of you to bring yourselves deeper inside. A simple mantra such as “Om Laxmi Om” can take root in just forty days. One can have more than one mantra.

Yet it is the Mantra of your Beloved that is the Mantra of the Soul. Simply by saying “Christ (or whoever your Beloved is) is my Beloved” can open you up to yourself in so many different ways.
If undertaken gradually with full awareness, Japa will eventually bring your hidden desires, fears, and complexes out of your ego-mind to the mental surface. When this occurs over a period of time, the seeker views those previously hidden samskaras with the attitude of an unconcerned witness. This process relieves the mind of all tensions and stress.

You can even repeat, “Split the tension,” and a great release and renewal of life will occur. Mantra exerts a direct influence on the nervous system’s ability to heal. “So Ham” is a great mantra, since it corresponds with the natural sounds of inhalation and exhalation.
If you are sitting and doing Japa, try to feel the prana flowing between the navel and the throat. When you inhale, feel the prana rising upwards from the navel to the throat; during exhalation, feel the prana descending from the throat to the navel.

This will release a lot of tension and bring you a lot of Shakti to help you complete your meditation.
After a while, contemplate your connection to the Universal Soul.
You all have this connection.
You were born to realize this connection.
You were born to have the joy of this connection.

I love you
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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