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Mantra and Sleep


Repetition of a mantra as you go to sleep brings the world of the Gods and Goddesses to you as you rest.
The repetition of any name of God at any time can bring peace to your heart.
You begin to realize that you are always your Divine Self, whether you are awake or asleep.

You sleep most profoundly when your mind is awakened to the Higher Reality within, when you realize that your personality is a wave of joy in the cosmic ocean of life and death.
When you find out that you do not carry the strings of your personality in your own hands – you are in the Universal Mother’s hands – you can feel a great release.
You can easily allow yourself to relax and carry yourself into deep, healthy sleep.

When you place yourself in the Mother’s arms 24 hours a day, you realize that everything is the Mother, and that the ego cannot penetrate the Mother’s protections.

The form of Mother Laxmi that looks fierce is the form that brings out her Mothering for Her children and the protection quality which makes us all feel safe.
She is the Reality within.

My Pujas and Prayers are for all of you to understand the blessings of Mother Laxmi.
They are many.
You are all so very loved by the Mother.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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