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Manifest Your Dreams


The Shakti that inspires you to create depends entirely upon your spiritual awareness.
There are three steps you can use for manifestation of your dreams: belief in your own spirituality, visualization of what it is you want (remember nothing is too big or too small for the Universe), and then the materialization of that which the Universe heard you calling for.
The power to see anything in its completeness comes from faith in yourself and the Universe.

You may have tasted the Universe and the Formless in meditation.
Can you close your eyes and see what it is you want the Great Universe to bring you?
Then do so now.
Keep doing it as you see it more clearly.
This is called a vision of the law, Universal law.

By saying to yourself that all you have to do is ask of the Universe what you want, you begin to believe in yourself.
By believing in yourself, you take your fate out of the hands of chance and bring it into the moment.

Ask the Mother Laxmi for whatever you want to happen in your life, and then write it down in your journal.
Then after a while look and see if whatever you asked for has come.
If it has not, then repeat to yourself with great conviction, “It is on its way!”

I love you, and I want so much for all of you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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