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Love of the Beloved


The question today is, “How can my Beloved love me with all my flaws? Does my Beloved know of my flaws and my imperfections?”

Do you not understand that you are part of your Beloved?
Do you not know that you are the most perfect human to the eyes and heart of your Beloved?
I ask you, where is this question coming from?
Who has hurt you so deeply that you cannot feel this love shaving away at that which you do not need?
At the heart of your being, you are pure beauty.

This beauty dwells in my own heart, even though old lusts come to gather (with the blessings of the ego) to gather you in the ego’s arms.
Do you actually think that any part of the ego, even the ego of a million humans, can touch this love?
You can rest assured that you are completely held by your Beloved, who is always in your corner.
And so your question this day truly is, “Will I always know of my Beloved?”
My answer is, “Of course.”

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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