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Love is the Weapon


Love is the weapon that cuts through the heart’s knots.
Love shifts the vision from daydreaming to an integral experience from the body to the Atman, from untruth to truth.
The threshold of love is the sacrifice of what we call the self.

The Soul is the ocean of freedom and independence.
There is no power greater than non-violence to overcome violence.
Truth is the greatest weapon on Earth.
The soul is the joy of all actions.
It is the ocean of freedom and independence.

Let all seekers intensify their efforts for training in self-realization.
It is a constant battle to reject illusion.

Kali Natha Tantric Yoga teaches one to find independence; and with independence, one is free.
You are bound to be victorious.
Non-violence overcomes violence.
Serenity is the absence of subtle desires, due to the increase of purity.
One must live to die to the illusions of life.
One learns to find happiness within.
It is experienced and enjoyed.
Wisdom destroys miseries of all kinds.

The practice of meditation and yoga helps one to break the veils of illusion.
So much can be accomplished with a full heart and a non-complaining mind.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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