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Love and Kindness


Sometimes when things don’t go right in your life, you tend to blame others instead of copping to your involvement.
Attachment wants to control others and to have others agree with you.
You think this is love, but this is pure attachment.
You want to control others and have them give you your due.
Desire or grabbing or attachment leads to expectation.
This state really can hurt you.
You constantly lean forward trying to hold on.
This becomes the way you live: always leaning forward as if to stop the world in case that which you want gets away.
This is the voice of the world calling out to you all the time.
The world says, “I have what you need.”
When you let go, you are letting in the truth of the moment.
You are letting in the joy and the pain.
You are going through change.

The practice of love and kindness means that you are developing the art of friendship to yourself.
You begin to understand how fleeting things can be.
And so you learn how to communicate with your Soul.
We all have the capacity to love.
No matter how painful it is to be pushed away, there is still a way to love those whom you think do not love you.
You do it quietly and constantly, and you will find that others will open up to you eventually.
Put a soft focus on everything.
Life in this soft focus is not so hard.
Get in touch with your own Soul, which is unchanging and perfect.
When you are in touch with your Soul, you are in touch with the deeper you.
Give it a try – you have nothing to lose, except your ego.

As you grow older and have to face loss and death, you begin to feel tremendously isolated if you have not shown love inside of yourself to others.
Love deep inside of you.
Look inside of your heart.
If you can find your heartbeat, then you can find the heartbeat of others.
Have compassion while you are young, and it will follow you all the days of your life and beyond.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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