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Love and Compassion


The spiritual path is the secret path of infinity.
Once you enter the path, then all of the Universe’s secrets are known.
You have an subconscious road map on how to proceed.
The Mother helps you read your map and watches you shed insecurities as She leads you along your path.

All of life is a gift.
The invisible gift makes itself known in its own time.
When the destiny of the gift is open, you are awakened to grow.
Once the whisper of the Mother comes alive inside of your heart, you can never resist it.
You merge into each other.
At that moment, you live with truth on your breath.

This becomes the perfect fit with the Universal Mother.
You begin to live with sweetness in your voice.
Although the Mother makes you welcome, at times you pull back.
When you run with fear, it is hard to learn in this world.
At times one cannot take the beauty of the Mother; yet She is patient, and the sheer internal force of the Universe pulls you closer to Her heart.

In samadhi you enter into the Divine Presence of Divine Beauty.
And this Beauty stays with you as you live your life in spirit and love.
When you are holding on and trying to hold on, you become keyed up and the body and mind are limited.
Imagine being detached enough to have compassion for yourself and others.

And through this love,  I too teach of love in all of its many aspects.
Happiness and joy are not limited commodities, they never end once you can get past yourself.
The ego looks deeply for anger and jealousy and adds to it constantly.
When you know that the very fabric of life is change, you know that you can change – and so can everyone.
There is change in existence, change in your compassion and change in your being.
You are never too old or too young to change and to enjoy change. Change two things in your life; say to yourself, I can change and be a more joyful person in this change.

Offer others compassion without asking for anything for yourself.
It is this compassion that is filled with light and non-judgment.
It brings forth the balance in your life.
Use it; find it deep inside of you and bring compassion to the forefront of your life.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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