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Look Deeply Within


Breathe, and have freedom from unhappiness.
The ego has you think that unhappiness is a part of life.
In a way this is truth; yet you do not have to be a fan of it.

There are so many different ways of bringing your whole being into a place of being joyful, and that happens when you are serving others.
In fact, you can hardly hear the ego’s thoughts as you serve.

You find out that life is not only about you, and you make room for others.
This can bring you bliss in your practice.
To bring yourself to your heart, you can ask, “What is happening inside me now?”
Then really look and see what is going on with you.

Direct your attention inside of your being.
This is true awareness.
When you can figure out what is going on, you can figure out how to live your life with great gratitude and humility.

As the light reflects from your heart to your life, you live in a higher dimension.
You become as a beautiful flower, blooming with beauty, who desires unity between your heart and your higher mind.
Be as a flowing river and look deep into the waters of your being.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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