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Living in the Moment of Death


You must know that your Beloved will be with you in death as well as in life.
Look out of your third eye this moment and feel how your Beloved is watching for you, watching how you move, or stay still, or simply just be.
Also I have been writing a lot about death because a few of you all over the world have been asking me questions, since you are living very close to death as this time in your life.

As long as you want to learn, then I will share with you what I can.
Ask away, and free your heart from any doubts.
One day your students will ask of you the same questions; since there is no time or place in the Mother’s awareness of death, you will be able to use these answers as you see fit.

There is a huge shock for the world to see death up close.
There is nothing in life that can transform the traveler in death as the death moment itself.
In our traveling through life, Death is an unwelcome guest.
Yet there is the beautiful act of helping people to die by holding their hands or whispering songs of love gently into their ears.

At times one feels helpless in the face of death.
One should whisper something beautiful in the ear of the dying.
There is more life at the death bed than at any other place.
Your sole attention should be placed at the dying moment.
If the dying person is trying to say anything, then listen with all of your being.
Try to be in the moment of life, and watch how two people come together on the raft of life: you and the dying.
Make a raft of strong and beautiful words to send across the ocean of life.
You only need to understand love and how beautiful you are at the moment of death.

Death is not the final cut.
There is so much more to come; there are so many choices to make and so much excitement in the emptiness.
Your mind is not limited at the time of death.
Your Soul is well prepared for death  and has never lost touch with the Eternal.
We are all part of the process.
Death has already taken place through the Soul.
Watch and notice how the soul awakens in the brightness as the great Light beckons you.
The mystery of eternal life is yours to understand in your heart.
The eternal life is the transformation of body into ash.

I love you, and I will answer all of your questions as you send them in.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Magdalena says:

    Namaste Ma Jaya,
    Since I started to ‘understand’ death with my heart and there’s no fear left. It’s only next stage of life after all. It’s a moment of coming back home. I see it as something beautiful and peaceful and I wish more and more people open to such understanding of death. I also believe that what happens immediately after we pass away is what we believe will happen, f.e. if someone believes he/she goes to heaven that will happen for them. I truly recommend Neal Donald Walsch’s book on this subject called ‘Home with God’. It brought even deeper peace and understanding into my life.
    Thank you for your article.
    Love & blessings