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Living in Love


I want you all to make your mind up that you are going to walk through life with the Universal Mother.
Make up your mind that you want peace and love in your life, and they will be there.
You have to make up your mind to walk in love with the Mother.
Love is how you treat people and yourself.
You have to be certain to know that the Mother is with you, no matter what you do.

If you set your mind to have a better outlook in life,  She will hear you and help you find your way into Her heart.
When you make the decision to follow your heart and not your mind, you have made the decision to live in love.
Notice how the Mother is active in your life.
Notice how the ego is active in your life.

This is the battle of the thoughts.
The thoughts of your God bring beauty to your life.
When you listen to the negativity of the ego, you have nothing to share with anyone except your negativity.
When you listen to your heart, which is the heart of the Mother, you have only love to share with others.

The Mother breathes on your breath.
Think on this as you go through your day.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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