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Live in the Now


At times you may feel that the only time your will and the will of your God merge fully is when you leave your human body.
This is not true, for it is possible for your will and your love to be united with the Universal Mother’s desires for all of you.
It does not happen all at once – and yet it can.
The Mother simply gives you your Self.

The fog of the ego seems to drown in our Ganga and the heart grows and expands with love that the ego has hidden.
The Mother gives to all of you the true nature of your reality in the form of deep strong love and compassion.
The Mother gives you the deep desire to grow deeply into the truth of your Being.
When you listen to the ego, life hurts and wearies you – and you feel that the pain will never cease.
Yet those were past thoughts.
I invite you to live in the moment.
This very moment we merge in the purest of love.
Our spirits will always be.
No one is forcing you to get life right this moment.
I am only asking you to be in the moment and experience the now like never before.
In the moment of awakening, the Mother gives you Her own visions for you.

You can see it all happening right now.
God is never away from you, always in the Now.
I invite you to return to the Source from where you have come from.
And this is all in the moment of now.
How exciting is this?

The Mother lights the fire in your hearts every moment that you dwell in the moment.
Yesterday’s fire has faded, and it is burning again in the Now.

Feel it on the breath of Now.
We merge into each other.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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