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The Light of Awareness

From The 11 Karmic Spaces:
Understanding Shakti is the first step to understanding life.
page 127

How are you using the energy that flows to you from the universe?
Following Hindu tradition, I call this energy Shakti, the female energy of the universe.
She flows in all of us, whether we are male or female.
As you become more aware, you begin to realize that everything is energy, everything is flowing.
Yes, the force of the Universe lives in you and you can become aware of it.

The universal law is love.
So when I ask, “How do you feel?” I am asking, “How much love can you hold?”
This is the awareness of the higher mind, the simple knowing of the yogi and the mystic who realize they had awareness before they had form, and they will have awareness after death.

Spiritual growth is always being felt by the spiritual heart.
It is something you just know.
This is Universal Law.
Something deep within knows when you are leaving the teaching of the spiritual heart and entering into any of the Karmic Spaces.
When you first find that you are stepping into the Karmic Space of Lack of Awareness, this actually brings you your first step into awareness.

You begin to realize that you have not been aware of the darkness of Lack of Awareness, so you have breathing space to understand not to be asleep in the moment.
You can begin to make your way out of the Karmic Space of Lack of Awareness.
A truly great teaching is one you begin to understand.
There is such simplicity when you become aware that a light of time and space begins to shine in you.
You realize that it has always existed.
The Light of awareness can begin to bring you a fulfillment that is timeless.
The trick is to face your life with awareness and gently begin to understand that there is no sin in the world.
There are only mistakes, and to not be aware each moment of the life you are living in the now is a big mistake.
A person who finds truth and begins to accept it automatically drops the connecting Karmic Space of Pride.
Then there is no place other than out of the Karmic Space.
Hold on to the miracle that is your life with love and acceptance.
This is the beginning of allowing the Universal light straight into your heart.


Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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