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Light and Unworthiness


As you read these words, I want you to put aside all of your unworthiness for a little while.
There is a fog that your mind puts over your light.
I want you to see only a great light within your heart.
As your mind wanders, say to yourself, “I am light; I am light.”

As you breathe in and out with awareness, notice how each breath brings you more light, forcing the fog out on the out-breath.
Do this for about five minutes.
This simple breath of light has done wonders for so many people.

God’s love will sustain you.
As the stars light up the distant sky, so does this love light up your heart. As the wind blows from distant directions, this love caresses your heart. As the earth moves round the sun, the light in your being moves around, and more light comes into your heart. As the surging waves touch the sandy shores, God touches you.
Look toward your third eye and feel the pressure of the Divine hand. As the moon moves around the Earth, so does this love move all around your being.
Now do not take back your unworthiness.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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