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Liberation is the awakening to our primal harmony.
It brings us back to our roots, and yet we live fully in the moment.
Mystical enlightenment is an inner truth that you know and spread, simply by breathing in and out the moment.

On the inside, you are totally different.
On the outside you look the same, except for a light that is always lit.

To understand your absolute spirit is to understand the spirit in all peoples of the world.
In meditation, you can receive glimpses of your Divine Spirituality.
You know that you are one with everyone and everything.
The Silence is inside of you and flows from your heart.
You feel in the silence that you are spirit, and that this spirit is your ultimate self.
Feel that which is always prior to thought and sensation.
Feel the Self that you have searched for.
Do not try to hold on to anything at all.

With practice of watching your breath, you will eventually feel the Emptiness.
Remember that the Universal Mother is closer to you than yourself, for you are the MotherĀ  – and She is a reflection of you.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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