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Kundalini Rising


The subconscious mind may be aroused by the rising of Kundalini; it is brought into action in any direction and made to serve you by concentration.
The practice of concentration requires the control of the mental ego thought.

All modes of consciousness are known to the Mother Kundalini, yet they can be led anywhere by your higher mind.
Your spiritual truth will burst forth when Kundalini reaches the point of the heart chakra.
She penetrates the fourth chakra deeply when you are in meditation.

This will enable you to grow out of limited attainment and will allow you to reach spaces beyond the ego.
Concentration does not mean merely thinking of thoughts; it also signifies the transmutation of thoughts into different spaces of heart.
Center your mind on the Mother’s love, and you can never fall short.

In realizing great deliberate thoughts and experiencing spiritual bliss, one’s heart must be open for Kundalini to rise right up over the head into the Universe.
Thinking correctly is always thinking positive thoughts.
This is how you take control lightly of the thought process.
The ego wants to take you to the ‘I cannot’ mode, while the Higher mind wants you to know that there is nothing you cannot do.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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