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Kundalini and Prana


All forms of discipline and awareness of consciousness bring to you the development of the open heart, and eventually Kundalini awakens.
The feeling of Divine Energy coming through the base of the spine is the purity of love.
This mysterious feeling tells you that your heart has space to open more and more.
When subconscious veils of ego placed thoughts are lifted, you feel so free that you are able to give to others just by deliberate thought.

Prana is the basic breath of all of life.
All that you are and all that you feel comes from the breath you breathe – and the breath you hold and let out with awareness.
Through the awakening of Kundalini you begin to understand yourself, and you develop insight into the hearts of others.
As one breathes in with awareness, the breath becomes Prana.

The Prana of the Mother Kundalini is sleeping at the base of the spine and begins to rise.
You will find yourself going deeper and deeper.
When you begin to lose yourself into the essence of the Mother, just let go and close your eyes.
She exists to bring you health, prosperity and joy.
Always end your meditation with great humility and gratitude.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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