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“With precise and clear directions Ma Jaya demonstrates the ways for building a new matrix of mind and manifestation. She shows us how to stop boring God…..”

— Dr. Jean Houston

“In this book you will find the wisest exposition of how and why karma works. Ma Jaya’s dangerous book is bound to replace the mantra of failure in the background of your awareness with a mantra of YES!”

–Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi
(Founder Alliance for Jewish Renewal; Emeritus professor, Naropa Institute.)

Ma Jaya has lifted the veil of ignorance around the concept of karma. With incredible wisdom, she presents karma as the opportunity for freedom rather than the obstacle to it. Don’t miss this book.”

–Dr. John Douillard, DC
(Teacher of natural medicine and Aryuveda; Director of LifeSpa Aryuvedic Retreat Center.)

“Part classical teaching, part autobiography, told with street smarts and common sense. Ma offers us a confident interfaith embrace as she invites us on a journey toward a vast and approachable inner landscape.”

–Rt. Rev. William E. Swing
(Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California; founder and president of United Religions Initiative.)

“Unconditional love is the very center of Ma Jaya’s teachings. This book helps us free ourselves from our karmic patterns, allowing us to connect deeply with pure love.”

–Marci Shimoff
(New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason.)

“Luminous and captivating, a practical guide for serious seekers.”

–Mukunda Stiles
(Spiritual teacher and author of Tantra Yoga Secrets and Structural Yoga Therapy)