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Ten Reasons

Ma Jaya – Ten Reasons to Buy “The 11 Karmic Spaces”

Ma was asked by an interviewer to list ten reasons to buy her book. This was her answer.

  1. To never find yourself this life, or any other life, with a dry heart.
  2. To learn how to accept love, thus loving yourself.
  3. To learn the little traps that you always flow into lifetime after lifetime.
  4. If you have forgotten how to speak to God, you can learn how to constantly speak to God and to actually hear words back.
  5. To always be tender – first and foremost to yourself.
  6. To learn about other people and the spaces they may be in so you have compassion, because perhaps you have gone through the same thing.
  7. To take out to the world what you have gained from “The 11 Karmic Spaces” and to be kind enough to share, just by your actions.
  8. To learn how to hesitate and not lash out in anger that makes you and others very unhappy.
  9. To learn to say “I love you” without shame and guilt, or even anger.  We are so afraid to say these words.
  10. To allow the love that’s also in the karmic spaces to show you the way out and keep you out and so you never enter again.