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Ma has written several articles and blogs that are appearing on Ezine Articles and other places on the web. Below are excerpts of those writings with links to continue to the original post.

Breaking Karmic Patterns 

Why is it so hard to change?

We want to know how to get rid of anger, or how to overcome negative thoughts, but  really we just want to know how to find happiness.  We try spiritual practices, or therapy, or health programs, and we feel better.  Then time passes, and we find ourselves back in old patterns of hurting ourselves. We’re gaining weight again, or we’re in a bad relationship again, or procrastination is blocking our creativity again.  What happened? read more


Four Keys to Overcoming Jealousy

“Time heals all wounds,” they say, but that’s only true if karma doesn’t get in the way.

Before we can look for ways of overcoming jealousy, we need to understand its karmic roots. A karmic pattern is a system of thoughts, emotions, and actions that keeps reinforcing itself by a cycle of repetition.  It’s a pattern so deep that you fear to give it up even when you desperately want to. Jealousy is the very first in a series of self-reinforcing karmic traps.   These traps are familiar and even comforting, which is why we turn back to them again and again even when they hurt us read more


How to Get Rid of Anger – For Real!

Anger takes up five times as much space as love. By that I mean it takes up space in your heart, your body, and your life.

You’re reading this because you want to know how to get rid of anger, but first it’s important to understand what anger is and what it does to us. Some anger passes quickly, like a cloud passing over the sun, and it will quickly burn away on its own if you let it read more


Don’t Ask

When my mother was dying of cancer, I asked the question that everybody wants to ask:  “Why you?” She had been through a lot by then, and she was living in the charity ward at Coney Island Hospital, which they used to call “the Meat Market.” She was very weak, so I leaned in close to the bed to hear the answer to my big question.  Wham! She smacked my on the side of the head. She wasn’t so weak after all! … read more