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Just Being


Set aside a little time each day for just being.
Five minutes a day would be fine.
Sit down and watch the time unfold with no agenda other to be in the moment.
As your mind begins to wander simply, say to yourself, “God loves me.”
Keep the posture erect, yet not stiff.
Think of yourself as a mountain.

Then take five full breaths and keep the essence all day long.
You do this by knowing you are connected to your Highest Self.
Doing this two times a day or at least once keeps you in the flow of your spiritual being.
Each time you are carried away by your mind, allow the breath to escort your mind back to your spiritual heart.
Ultimately you can expand your awareness to observe all the comings and goings of your own thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and impulses of body and mind.
Do not give up on yourself.

Paying attention on purpose can help you become aware of all the love in your life that was hiding in the little crevices that the ego hides in.
As you learn to understand that your soul is still and the life lived around the Soul can also be calm, then you do not let life overwhelm you.
Your Soul rests perfectly in its Creator and in the Mother’s heart.
It is all about your willingness to be open and learn each day.
You could not find a gift as beautiful as knowing that the Mother is with you always.

What if the moment is harsh or cruel?
Then coming toward the Mother will have you feel the deep compassion and love that you need desperately in the moment.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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