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Your Soul has a purpose, and that purpose is love.
Love brings a huge amount of joy.
You were born to live in joy.
Others will see this joy in your eyes and will want it for themselves
This joy awakens a desire to live to serve and to serve to live.
You can feel this joy when you live your day and do day-to-day things.
Meditation is like a lantern; it illuminates the inner landscapes of our lives and helps us to find hidden riches.
Meditation helps you to gaze at the world with spiritual joy without hiding away from the world at all.
The open heart retains a passion for freedom, and meditation keeps the heart open.
Passion for the Universal Mother keeps the heart young.
One keeps vitality of mind and heart through meditation.
You can keep your heart open to bring the flames of feeling to your life.
Respect the mystery of life inside your being.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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