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It is just a Thought


The force of the wanting mind, (the ego mind), tries to take our moment of bliss and have it disappear as if it was never there at all.
Look inside of you and try to make yourself peaceful by ignoring the mind and paying attention to the breath.

Notice when you feel the moods of restlessness.
This is like a moment when you can soften your breath.
Do not try too hard.
Let the easiness come to you.
Notice the sounds of the present moment.
As you feel the natural rhythm of the presence, acknowledge the feeling and bring it to a moment to change if need be.
Notice when thoughts arise.
Say to yourself, “It is just a thought.”

When the waves of the moment become quite strong, notice the feeling of strength.
Ask yourself, “Can I use this feeling?”
Acknowledge it and bow to it.
Be aware of it.
Acknowledge the feelings in the body.
Gently name them.
Meet the thoughts with awareness.
After the thoughts dissolve, come back to the breath.
Perhaps this all happened in a few minutes.
Perhaps longer.
When you do this and make a habit of it, the moment brings you a new kind of peace.

Sometimes people say that they are lost in thoughts so much of the time.
Notice the thoughts, and then return to the breath.
Be very simple.
You can name the moment anything you want to.
Do not be afraid of everything you think of.
If you label them, you can begin to soften them.
Watch this very moment.
Can you find some compassion or love in your thoughts?

Now you are opening to the music of life.
You can use the awareness to meet the moment.
Or just let it pass by saying, “It is just a thought.”
Now this is awareness, and awareness is the open gate to all whom you love and all who love you.

Cultivate the quality of compassion, love, and the thought of happiness.
Thoughts can be a learning experience.
Just like love.
Notice where you are this moment.
It is a different moment than before.
Now you are learning the art of spiritual life.
It is all about loving awareness.
Just notice, be aware, and know that your Beloved loves you.
Notice this every moment of every day.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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