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Taken from a darshan with Ma Jaya on June 9, 2006

Namaste my Chelas,

Deep down within everyone is a fountain of truth and wisdom.
The wisdom that is the inner voice of every heart is called intuition.
It is not learned; it is simply acknowledged.

Intuition is incredibly silent unless you are listening quietly in moments of searching your heart.
When you sit in quiet contemplation, you can sense the open heart of intuition.
The living, flowing wisdom that touches us all (if we allow it to) is always there.
The intuition in all of us is a light inside the flame and the heat in the fire of humankind.
Through meditation, you can feel your spirit immersed in the cosmic flow to the Mother’s love.

Meditation is the vantage point gained each time you sit quietly and surrender to the Goddess within your heart.
Here are all the highest values and the greatest amount of life that is offered.
It is the emptiness and stillness.
One becomes able to see with the eyes of non-judgment.
All the efforts you put into living in the moment add up to your life experiences in this moment.

Our Baba recognizes all of us by the touch of His hand on our hearts.
The ultimate worth of meditation can be found in small things during your day and night.
Meditation completes the want and need in all of us.
Be mindful, and bring a new dimension to your love of Paramaguru and Guru.
Sit in the sun of this love, and feel the heat of compassion well up inside of you.
“Feed everyone,” our Baba always says, and indeed we do.
This is the highlight of our lives – the ability to feed everyone.

Feel the whole of your breath this morning.
Watch the breath flow over you and inside of you as you breathe in.
Breathe out with deep awareness; let all the breath out by contracting your stomach muscles.
Breathe in again as if you were breathing all the dawn; be aware of your body.
Then be aware of the warmth of your breath.
Breathe out with the awareness of a new dawn and a new life.
Breathe with awareness all this day.

You will have a fuller day, and thus a fuller life.

I love you all.

Feel this love this very second.
Be in this love in the now.
This is my Puja and this is my Prayer.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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