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Intuition and the Self


Everyone craves happiness.
Yet if you want only instant gratification, you begin to immediately think of loss, because there is always an end to instant gratification.
Yet there is no beginning or ending to the love between you and your Beloved.
There is so much in your life that does not have to end.
In fact, when it comes to spiritual happiness, the more you live the greater the bliss.
Develop unflinching devotion to your Divine Self and find unflinching happiness.
Meditate on your spiritual heart, and this will awaken you from any staleness within.
Continue to practice as best as you can, day after day
Look for more happiness every day.
Make sure you are radiating joy and cheerfulness to others.
Bringing joy to others brings joy to your Self.

Instead of dwelling over the immensity of darkness in life and the impossible task of attempting to overcome it, one must continue to unravel the vision of the self.
The Self is always reachable.
We all know intuitively which path to follow to bring the Self into the forefront of life and to see spirituality in everyone.
There is infinite energy of spirit when you use your intuition.
There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you learn to listen to your intuition.
This is the reflection of your Divine Self.

Be moderate in everything that you do.
In this way you bring a rhythm to your day-to-day life.
You can use your intuition to seek calmness and happiness in your life.
Discovering the stream of Cosmic love will lead you to your Beloved, whoever that may be.
Keep going.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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