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Intuition and the Self


Intuition is potential in every being.
Though we all exist in the realm of name and form, it is through intuition that one can find the deep formless deep within.
Your deeper aspirations do not belong to your physical being; yet when the body is healthy, it is easier to be healthier of mind and soul.

At times the soul longs to become free of all forms and dependence.
At times one misunderstands this and continues to seek even more happiness in the names and forms of the world.  Through spiritual intervention by the Beloved, you begin to understand your deeper beauty without losing the greatness of the world that Mother Earth has given you.

Your Beloved wants you to discover the infinite expansion of self through intuitive realization.
Breathe deeply as much as you can during your day and night, saying:
“Breathing in a long deep breath, I know I am breathing in a long deep breath.”
“Breathing in a short breath, I know I am breathing in a short breath.”

Your actions and understanding of Universal law brings you all close to your Beloved.
You will have a deeper wisdom of the self.
This will allow you to step away from any of the Karmic Spaces like hatred, greed, pride, and so on.
Each Karmic Space has a touch of each as well as its own title.
When you begin to know the Self, you begin to act in a way to promote harmony and peace inside yourself and others.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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