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Intuition and the Beloved


“What’s the difference between my intuition and my Beloved?  Is my Beloved my intuition? And if not, do I need to know where my intuition stops and my Beloved begins?”


Whatever chakra you are focused on, give your full attention to that which holds your intuition in that moment.
Yet the most juice comes from the center of your skull and drips into your throat and your heart.
When you feel that your intuition is working for you in the moment, be still for awhile and listen to the heart of intuition.
What feels right?
Which way do you turn in the moment?
Do you accept your own intuition in the moment of using it?
Call on the Mother of Intuition, who moves around the different chakras, taking what you need to lead you to the right choice.

Intuition is simply the answer to choice, or choices.
The Mother of Intuition is an atmosphere of pure devotion.
Everything is there in the Mother’s arms.
All the different cells unite, and the answers to so many questions become clear.
The breathtaking moment of listening to your intuition and it is proven to be the right choice brings such confidence.
There is no time in intuition, as it always changes.
The signature of your intuition is not to prove you are right or wrong.
It just is.
Your Beloved takes your ego thoughts and points the way to your own intuitive moment.
The Beloved is not your intuition, although He or She is always part of everything that is in you.

Knowing you are capable to listening to your intuition brings your Beloved so much joy.
Take a chance and listen with your heart.
Let your mind rest.
Discover a new generosity to yourself when you begin to use your intuition.
Intuition is ever abundant; it always was and always will be.
When you find enough silence within you, savor it and trust yourself.
It is very exciting.
It is very freeing
It all comes from the Source, the Beginning, and the Emptiness.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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