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Insight and Intuition


We all have insight; we all have intuition.
They are one and the same.
Awareness is the secret to understanding your own intuition.
The Mother of Intuition lives deep inside of you.
The ego clouds your intuition as well as the desire to understand your insight of all things.

In meditation, the ego is drowned in the Mother’s love.
It is the tendency of the mind to reach out and try to hold on to anything that brings you instant gratification
Thus addiction is born, and it grows.
Addiction comes to us as the ego whispers, “Do not let go!”
The ego teaches of attachment.

In meditation, you can feel the place of detachment and the freedom of the heart chakra opening.
One cannot tell the difference between positive or negative impressions when the ego is kept present.
Meditation teaches you to cling to absolutely nothing whatsoever; you simply allow it all to come and pass away.
Detachment grows out of deep insight.
In meditation, you develop a mind which does not react to anything at all.
You can feel that deep silence of love where only you and your God exist.
As thoughts keep you in places of anger, you say to yourself, “It is just a thought.”
You refuse to allow your thoughts to rule your life.
When you have faith in your heart you receive powerful help from the God within.

The ego brings doubt and lack of faith.
Faith arises when we experience appreciation.
Being grateful brings the experience of joy.
As you begin to experience bliss or the emptiness in meditation, faith grows out of the moment.
You have to understand the depth of your own beauty.
If you refuse to pay attention to your thoughts, you are free to recognize your beauty and the beauty of others.

This love eats and melts the ego and your God stands between you and your negative mind.
Thus you begin to have confidence in yourself, and you begin to follow your intuition.
Through the experience of intuition, you become a stronger human being.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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