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There is no loneliness, no disapproval, and no discord in the Formless – only the bright lights of love coming from the great Rainbow Teaching of Tibet.
The Formless is where the physical world and the spiritual world merge and disappear into one.
In the Formless you learn who you truly are.
There is an eternity in all of us, and we all have to come to grips with who we are.

At the beginning of your journey, life offers you a mirror.
The mirror fills and fills, and as you learn it becomes clearer.
The imagination sees what the world truly is – this is why children can play for hours with their imaginary toys or friends.
The imagination is the great friend of possibility.
And then comes the adult, telling the child not to dream and to look at reality instead.
So the child leaves the fertile imagination that brings him or her fun and happiness.
Now the child does not know where to turn, until he or she turns to the spiritual path.

The Universal Mother is the holder of all possibilities, and She will call you to them.
Then one day you will awake and understand that the full, fertile world is all around you.
You have not dreamed in vain.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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