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I am Always Watching


The question today from Radha Krishna Jaya truly touches my heart:
“Please talk about how you are always watching your chelas.”


When you enter into Samadhi, or the Formless, or the Emptiness, at times you can become afraid.
This is called a Kundalini experience, or deep Spiritual experience; and this can be very fearful.
When the Mother watches over you, She protects you and keeps you well balanced so you can enjoy the completeness of God and Goddess.
I want so much for you all to experience the Great Bliss that the sages and holy ones wrote about in so many scriptures of many religions.

One of your deepest fears, and there are many, is that you are inadequate to receive all the power of Shakti that goes with entering the Formless.
The Mother asks you, “Who are you not to be? You are the child of the Mother.”
You were born to become one with all that there is.
This is not just some of us; it is all of us.
And as you let your own Light shine, you unconsciously and consciously give others permission to do the same by your actions.
Once you are liberated from your own fear, your presence automatically shows others that they can also be liberated.
There is no limit in what you can accomplish.
I do not need to be your Guru for you to feel this flow of Shakti as the Mother approaches you in meditation.
And so I keep on watching you as you live your life, anywhere in the world.
I am always watching and protecting.
I guard your hearts, bodies and Souls, or you are all children of the Mother.

And then there are the choices.
I can only show you them.
I cannot make your choices for you.
I can bring you to the point where the ego cannot lure you, seduce you, or make you forget that you are a child of the Gods and Goddesses.
At times there is no need to suffer, and yet you cannot see it or feel it.
I will always continue to watch you and try to show you the great spiritual intuition in you as you learn more and more.

I love you with all that I am.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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