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Question: How do we Pray for Someone Else?


This question is from Judy Jayanti:

“How do we pray for someone else- for their comfort and to release their suffering? Even when I am not liberated I want joy, ease and comfort for others.  Do we meditate, do we see him or her in a golden light, or do we use mantras or asanas to see them laughing and joyous in our hearts and minds?”

Ma’s Answer:

It is always a good thing to see anyone in the golden light and see them laughing and joyous in our hearts and minds.

Yet before you can help others, you must see yourself in the light and always in your heart.
By practicing meditation and being able to live your life with ease and comfort, others will want to be like you.

They will forget for a time their own sorrows as they watch you detach from your ego.
They will also believe by just looking at you that you are praying for them.
You will not even have to say it; they will know it.
The more you care, the more your own ego begins to melt away.
Then you begin to pray for them from the bottom of your heart.

The Mother will hear your prayers and welcome them.
Yes, you can use mantras and asanas to keep moving closer to the Mother.
She will help you to help others.
It is a good thing to want to take care of others as long as you are clear about yourself.

I love you with all my heart and will teach you how to help others as you yourself reach the Feet of the Mother.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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