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Honoring Death when Afraid


The question this day is “How do we honor death when we are afraid?”


I will answer you as deeply and honestly as I can.

This is everyone’s question at one time or another, especially as we enter into spiritual life.
As you live a life of spirituality, you learn more about death.
You also learn to embrace Death rather than fear him.
If you can keep still this very moment and sit and listen to your Beloved’s voice, you will find that your Beloved is always talking and listening to you.
He or she will take your fear and leave you to enjoy your spiritual journey, which includes Death.
As you sit and begin to enter into the Formless, you breathe more inside of yourself.
This is mental breathing; in doing this, you will find that you have less fear – not only of death, but of many things.
You will feel that you have become one with Death’s breath, without fear.
You will learn to keep the incense burning night and day in your heart, and you will be able to feel the gentle flow of death’s magic.
Your Soul will allow you to know that it never dies; the Soul is always to be found.

After awhile, death will not worry you at all, and you will learn how to greet Death.
It will be seen as a gift that you naturally receive each and every lifetime.
You will learn of the gentle wind that blows today with love, and the gentle sky that is so blue that it brings tears of joy.

Trees and flowers and such will bring you in death the same joy they bring you in life.
See now in the moment how much less afraid you are.
Just knowing that your Beloved will be with you always keeps life sweet and safe.
Your Beloved loves you very much, and this love follows you lifetime to lifetime, from death to death.

You are precious to your Beloved

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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