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Higher Self vs. the Ego


Your higher self can see much farther than your ego-sight can ever see.
Ego needs the illusion of enemies to keep alive.
When you are dominated by your ego, then you look to dominate others.
When there is no inner harmony, there is no outer harmony.
When you try to control others, you are being controlled by the ego
What you believe was power was actually your ego powering you.

When the ego begins to die, you begin to see the world as it is and not what the ego wants it to be.
Your essential self is filled with harmony for you and for others
When you can taste the Mother, you truly taste the joy in your heart.
When you deny the demands of the ego, you are listening to your higher self.
The Universal Mother pushes the ego out of the way of Her love.
You all carry the Mother in your heart.

If your ego can convince you, you will become part of the ego’s plan to destroy goodness and love in your life.
The ego is your false self, and this is what you need to understand.
The higher part of yourself reacts to love and compassion.
The power of your sacred self will promote change and overpower the ego.

You all want that deeper awareness that brings you back to your essential self.
We all deserve the love that the Mother has offered, matter who we are, regardless of our sexual orientation, color, race or anything that the world declares is different.
You can learn to consult the higher part of yourself, the Mother within.
You are the knower; now, begin to know the knower.
This will bring you a new creativity and bliss.
Take a moment to see the problems you have had,
Notice how they change and move, in and out of the knower’s eyes.
You are your own witness to your own life.
You can detach you from your own life, yet live the higher life of your being.

Know that your higher life can not be reached by the negative ego.
Rise above the thoughts that you are always right and everyone else is wrong.
When you do not lose energy on negative thoughts, you have a new feeling of being in the arms of the Mother.
The Mother sweeps away all negativity.

Everything in the Universe is energy.
You are a storehouse of energy thus you are a storehouse of the Mother’s Shakti.
Sit and realize you are not your problems; you are that which just notices it all.
You are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you.

There is no darkness in the silent love of the Mother.
You are the Mother’s child.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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