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Heart Without Boundaries


No matter what we do, there is the possibility of pain or pleasure.
Our hearts can be big enough for this, or we can go back and forth with reactions rather than understanding that this is what life is.
When you understand that you are never alone, reactions don’t come so easy and you are left to go on with your life in the beauty of the Mother’s Love.

The Buddha tells a story of salt and water.
If you take a glass of water and add one teaspoon of salt to it, it would be hard to drink because it will taste too salty.
If you take a gigantic, clear lake of water and place on teaspoon of salt into it, it would have no taste of salt at all.

When your heart is without boundaries, everything is like the clear beautiful lake; the salt cannot hurt you or even taste bad, therefore no reactions.
If you can change the size of your heart, than nothing sour can touch it.

Your life can have negativity or that which is positive, all is the same:
your heart is wide open and can receive anything.
It is your choice.
By being still and open, you recognize the beauty of the Mother Earth all around you.
She has you discover the immensity of space.

The mind is natural and pure; it is when you put negativity in your mind that you are lost and grasping.
You become lost in jealousy and anger.
You become tormented.
Yet the mind is naturally pure.
You have the power to change your thoughts or know that they are just a thought visiting your mind.
Sometimes you can be sitting in the beauty of the Self, and you hear a knock on your door – and it is anger.
Now it is how you relate to anger that brings feelings of joy or sorrow.
You do not have to let anger in; you can be nice and kind to the thoughts, yet you do not have to let them in.
Clouds may come and go, yet the sky is spacious and vast – and no matter what cloud is passing through, it soon will be lost in the vastness.
You can learn to see your thoughts and know that they are empty.
They cannot hurt you; they will disappear as soon as you think a better thought.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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