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Gurupurnima is almost upon us once again.
I celebrate the living Guru who is my Baba, just because he is.
I worship the Mother, because he showed me how.
I also love my chelas beyond comprehension.
He showed me how, and the love has poured out of me all these many years.
And we all come together to celebrate the existence of Guru.
And in the presence of the Mother’s Essence, we discovered goodness in all peoples.

You can live in the beauty of the Mother always.
She can make you whole; thus the ego begins to melt away.
And so we gather together at Gurupurnima, which is the celebration of the Guru and the Guru’s Guru.

I bless His Name and His Holy Heart, the way He has taken me under His wing, and with great patience and love, the way He taught your Ma how to love.
You can understand the beauty of the Self, without listening to the ego.
You are the heirs to the spirit of compassion and love.
And I am proud to share with you the love of my Guru.
Sitting quietly with the body still, let your higher mind meet any thoughts that arise.
Watch them come and go, without clinging to anything.
The ego is trying to stop the silence, and that is fine – for I have given you the tool of saying, “It is just a thought.”

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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