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Guilt, Anger, and the Ego


Guilt is not rewarding in any way, shape or form.
There is only high energy and low energy.
Guilt is the lowest of energy.
The past is the past; it cannot be changed by bringing it into the moment.

The way you are perceived is mostly someone else’s judgment.
Let people think what they like; just act responsibly and love life as much as possible.
All anger comes from a sense of loss.
The ego rants and rages as it loses hold of your personality.
Don’t allow anger to stay with you throughout your life.
Get to the depth and meaning of your anger and be free of it.
Holding on to anger keeps you far away from an open heart.
Once you see that most anger is just a security issue and is about losing something, you are way ahead of the game.
The ego asks hundreds of questions.
See yourself as an infinite being.

The ego cannot touch you.
You are the Light of the Mother.
When you have fewer questions about each thing that is done to you, you will not let everything bring about emotional upsets.
Change your thought patterns into a more beautiful thought that is deliberate.
The Mother touches you with such tenderness that when you call Her to you, all anger will disappear.
The Mother will bring you the space for expansion and carry the Shakti Force within you.

The turmoil of the ego is loud; as you become more and more silent, the tenderness is more pronounced.
The Mother allows you to see into the Light of Her love; this silences the mind.
The quiet heart is so sweet that it becomes wide open and helps you to put aside the ego.
Accept the spirit of life within you, the flow of life and watch the ego drown under the waves of love from the Mother.
She brings you a spiritual flow that cannot be stopped.

When you meditate on the breath, you are developing loyalty to the Self.
Close your eyes and breathe in six through the nose hold for seven and breathe out through the nose for eight.
Count loud inside your head and do this for five breaths.
Then sit quietly and say to yourself, “I am Love, I am Love, I am Love.”

Sit for as long as you like; then take one very deep breath into the belly and let it out slowly.
Start your day or begin your night of sleep in the arms of the Mother.
This is a very intense breath and it can calm your whole being in about 21 days.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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