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One of the greatest obstacles to experiencing the full bliss and joy of life is simply that there is not enough gratitude.
Gratitude comes from reflection on all of our blessings.
Meditation helps to remind us of our deeper, connected selves.
In meditation you can enter into the deepest part of your Being – and gratitude can have you taking yourself into the Source.

Genuine intention of being grateful is a start.
Gratitude brings us into thoughts that are positive and chosen by our hearts.
Gratitude is the greatest of human virtues.

Meditating is not the path that you take to changing your thinking habits; it involves watching your thoughts without being drawn into them.
Direct your inner eye inward, and you will find bliss in your own Being.
Sit in your heart space, deep into the center of your heart, and let all things be as they are.
Then bring in a positive thought of gratitude and keep repeating it.
This will occupy a space in your mind where no other thoughts can enter.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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