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Gratitude and the Journey to Your Self


Gratitude is so important for all of us to have.
Gratitude can consume anger.
Anger makes us old and withered.
Gratitude makes us young and joyful, no matter what.

Neem Karoli Baba said that anger is always about loss.
When we think we have lost something, and it could be anything, from health to an object, to a person, we begin to blame others thus anger is born.
To return to the Universe, God, Goddess or the Higher Self, you must know¬† that you can never lose the connection to the Mother’s heart.

Each day fight the ego and change something in yourself and for yourself.
Perhaps you constantly blame others for your unhappiness – so change your story.
Take responsibility for your own actions.
Then tomorrow change something else.
Maybe tomorrow you make it a point to not complain for the whole day.
After only one day of not complaining, you can become a new person.
Yet you have to be very aware of what is about to come out of your mouth.
Even thinking about complaining can keep you from Joy that longs to come forth.
You can alter your whole being by changing something in your life every day.

In the very core of your Being you can come into the center of yourself.
The heart of the seeker is bigger than the whole of the Universe.
The Universe is in the center of our Being.
You have to make every effort possible to make this happen.
Change until there is nothing else to change.
Did you wake up this day, excited that you are given another day to accomplished something?

You are on a journey to yourself, your Higher Self.
So many times you feel very forlorn when you awaken.
Yet at times you know that you are getting close to where you are known and that you know.
If you lived your spiritual life as you live your everyday life, you would not even begin to complain.
For if you live life in joy, it does not matter what you do, because joy is life living itself.
Symbolically, you are living your life drinking from the Source.

In the beginning of the spiritual path everything is fragmented.
As you walk the path, changing what you know you have to change, you slowly connect to the part of yourself that is always connecting to the Self; it is in a continue state of merging with the God that is held within the Mother.
Slowly the inner world and the outer world are the same, and your life is whole as you live from the center of the self.

I was taught in the simplest way to live my life as an offering; thus I was able to live in deep joy.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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