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Go Beyond Your Limitations


Sit in silence, and open yourself to the love of the Universe.
You have the ability to transform yourself into a being of Light.
You have to allow this to happen to you.
You have to open to the joy that the Mother wants you to know and understand.

The question I receive a lot is, “Can I train myself to feel love?”
Of course the answer is, “Yes!”
The love is there you only have to breathe it in and breathe it out.
Some have the idea that they have an allotment of love, and that it can be used up.
This is so untrue.
The truth is that the more you make any step to open to love, the more love is there for you to feel, to have, and to give.
The truth is the more you give, the more you have.

So many of you understand this, and yet you hesitate to act on it, hoarding love as if you were a stingy person – which, of course, you are not.
Miracles begin to happen when you are free with an open heart.
Many of you fear that you won’t be loved back.
Yet if you look at energy and joy as energy instead of a solid block, you will always be energized.

Energy is Shakti which the Universe is made up of.
Shakti is the Mother, which is pure power.
Shakti helps one to go beyond the limitations of the world.
The best way to overcome the lack of energy is to allow the energy of love to flow through you.
You have to establish your feelings of allowing.
This can be very hard.

Somehow we have picked up that giving is so much better than receiving.
You have to concentrate in the receiving of being healed by the Universe.
Receiving helps you to reflect back to the beauty of yourself.
The Force of the Mother is in all things, and there is never a lack of anything.
When you are a life force to receive, you are able to bring yourself into the freedom of receiving and giving.
When you ask the Universe to increase your abundance of prosperity, you must be open to receive so you can give easily.
You are the miracle that you seek.
You are the Light that comes from balance.
This Light is warm, this Light is love, and this Light is you.
Try to bring this Light into your life as you live in the state of now.
Try to pull to you all that you want for yourself and for others.

When you begin to change yourself and are able to receive from the Mother Universe, you are affirming that there is goodness in you and in the Universe.
You are all positive and beautiful human beings who knows the difference between a negative and a positive moment.

You are all miracle makers who come from the light you can bring to yourself.
Try to receive love and light this very moment.
Feel the warmth of receiving and the beauty of giving.
Go beyond your limitations.
I love you with all my heart.
Accept my love freely.
I truly accept your love.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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